Thursday, June 4, 2009

مقالي في الديلي نيوز ..اهلا اوباما ولكن

Welcome Obama, but….

Your choice of Egypt, Mr. President, to address the Muslim World, has pleased millions of Egyptians who view this decision as a sign of respect to the role their country played in the history and civilization of the region. Most Muslims -and Egyptians as well- are looking upon your presidential term with hope and optimism, awaiting a different era of U.S. foreign policy towards their region. We, like millions of people across the world, dreamt of the “change” you choose as your campaign slogan. Your experience is inspirational for many people who dared to dream of a new world governed by justice, equality, and freedom for all. We greatly appreciate your intention to place the reconciliation between the U.S. and the Muslim World among your foremost priorities, attempting to improve the image of the U.S. in the eyes of Muslims and Arabs, and fighting the stereotypes about Muslims in the U.S. since the disastrous 9-11 attacks.All your speeches were replete with promises and compliments, which, though essential, will not be enough to bring about the desired change. Words must be accompanied by actions; otherwise credibility will be at stake.We fully understand that you have enormous challenges ahead; we also believe that the obstacles to change are complex and cannot be overcome except by those who possess the minimum audacity that enables them to achieve breakthroughs in the way of change. The entire world is looking forward to a better future where there will be no place for wars, hatred, or extremism. We aim at reaching (a fair a globalization ), that makes the world one family and puts an end to hegemony and unilateralism, preserves cultural differences, and does not manipulate the identities of nations. This globalized world must allow civilizations to coexist rather than clash, cooperate rather than compete, and live side by side in a unique human existence that carries good tidings to all humanity. This globalization will make every member in the global family sympathize with a crying African child, help the poor in Latin America, and support the victims of terrorism and natural crises in Europe and America, while united by the bonds of humanity. The road to this world requires several keys to open closed doors and improve our bitter present.A fair solution to the Palestinian cause is the first key to win over the trust of Arabs and Muslims who consider this cause the major reason for the negative image in the region towards America, because of its unabated bias with Israel in its conflict with the Palestinian people. If this stance remains the same, there is no reason to think the situation will improve with regards to the psychological barriers increasing between Muslims and the U.S. Administration. The second key is the U.S. Administration’s support to non-democratic regimes in the region. These regimes suppress freedoms, violate laws, crackdown on opponents, and increase the suffering of their peoples day by day. The natural outcome of such policies is the sort of dissatisfaction that breeds violence and terrorism. In fact, I find it particularly perplexing that the U.S. exerts all efforts to sacrifice its soldiers in battles that are said to be fighting terrorism, while on the other hand it is indirectly creating generations of terrorists and extremists through backing authoritarian regimes and keeping silent in the face of their inhuman practices. You need to realize that America’s strategic interests will never be preserved as long as these regimes still exist. Everyone will bear the fruits of the spread of democracy and end of dictatorship. A democracy that embraces diverse ideologies or backgrounds is a democracy that will make the world a secure and healthy place.There is no justification whatsoever to depriving nations from democracy and freedom. The pretexts used by despotic regimes to intimidate the world from the possible outcomes of democratization should be discarded, since the absence of freedom and dialogue will only result in a world full of violence and hatred with millions of human beings suffering oppression, torture, and exclusion. Oppression always leads to extremism. Should there be an atmosphere of freedom of expression and association, many of those with narrow-mindedness and extremist thoughts will naturally turn to more openness and tolerance. However, our talk about the necessity of change does not imply our acceptance of any efforts to impose change from outside. The Iraqi and Afghani cases are totally unacceptable because we believe in change that comes from within. This is the sort of change that lasts, being supported by the will of people and their choice. We only wish from your administration to stop backing these regimes in a way that allows the people to change through peaceful means. The third key is fighting religious intolerance among people from different religions to preserve the blood of thousands of innocent people around the world. We all have to admit humans’ freedom to choose their religion, and this religion should not be a reason for any grievance against other humans. This will never be achieved without sincere efforts to spread religious tolerance and acceptance of the other, endorsement of dialogue, and emphasizing that our brotherhood in humanity is the essence of our existence. The political discourse of the previous administration undoubtedly contributed to the rising hostility against Muslims, particularly statements like “new crusades” and other statements that widened the gap between people from different religions. Today we have a golden chance to remove these prejudices and spread a culture of love and brotherhood among human beings. Mr. Obama, everyone is awaiting your speech, but more importantly your actions…

By / Mostafa al nagar

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